Primacon PFM 24 CC

Automatic precision micro milling cell: PFM 24 CC CompactCell

Compact manufacturing cell for the production of multi-shift operation

The new PFM 24 CC CompactCell is a further development of the successful high-precision concept of PFM 24 series. It is a machining centre with an integrated manufacturing cell and was designed for the µ accurate multi-layer production of small work pieces, such as printed circuit board production in the watch industry. Thanks to its modular concept, the PFM 24 CC CompactCell can replace multiple conventional machine tools depending on the manufacturing function.


Flexible Machining Cell

With the Machining cell PFM 24 CC CompactCell, all free-cutting material can be economically processed.  The operator still has all the options of the well-known PFM 24 product line.


Reduce your tool changing times

The goal is to reduce the processing time, such as the printed circuit board production (watchmaking industry). The new development of a double arm on the tool changer, allows PRIMACON to reduce the idle time to a minimum. The tool changing system in the standard version includes 80 seats, optional 120 seats.


Efficient component change

The integrated component changer allows a high degree of automation.

  • Printed circuit board changer with up to 120 seats
  • Industrial clamping systems (eg. System 3R, EROWA) can be realised
  • Customisation possible
  • And much more...

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