Primacon PFM 4024-5D

The fastest connection from HSC and PRECISION; PFM 4024-5D

Efficient five-axis ultra-precision machining centre

This is the fastest ultra-precision milling machine from the PRIMACON range The PRIMACON PFM 4024-5D is the high-precision milling machine optimized for tool and mould making, which is already prepared in its basic version to operate on 5 axis. The expectation of ultra-precision milling machines is not only accuracy in the micron range, but also excellent surface quality. To achieve this, the need for stable processes (without temperature fluctuations or oscillations) must be guaranteed but also allow for enormous spindle speeds. A balancing act that the PRIMACON PFM 4024 - 5D accomplishes with flying colours


High Performance concept

The high-performance concept ensures exceptional dynamics and maximum precision on the component:

  • Positioning accuracy of VDI/DGQ 3441: +/- 1,5 µm 
  • Use of linear direct measuring systems
  • Innovative axis arrangement (component zero point is located in the centre of the rotating and swivelling axis)
  • Minor compensating movements on the axis X, Y & Z
  • Exceptional acceleration both in the linear axis and in the rotating and swivelling axis
  • Mechanical weight balance in the swivel axis (this whole torque is available for the axis dynamics)


Your benefits:

The PFM 4024 - 5D provides, thanks to the excellent machining precision, a very high process reliability and repeatability.
Even with difficult component geometries, the machine impresses with absolute stability and contour accuracy, which is a prerequisite for perfect geometry and the highest surface quality.
The powerful milling spindle with high torque are the guarantee for exceptional productivity.
Thanks to the compact construction and a space-saving footprint, the machine can be optimally integrated in a changing material flow. The high chip removal rates for all materials ensures efficient and uncompromising manufacturing.
The machine is conceptually prepared for integration into flexible manufacturing systems and therefore is ideally suited for a fully automated mass production.

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